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I'm Fraser and I founded Vale Woodcraft in July 2020.  What started as a hobby during Covid-19 lockdowns has now developed into my full time job.  My aim is to reduce the amount of wood waste that ends up in landfill (Currently in the UK 10 million tonnes of wood waste is generated each year and only 1 million tonnes is recycled).

We handcraft our own range of homewares which have been developed in-house using reclaimed wood and can be browsed on our store.  We are constantly expanding our product range so check back regularly to see what's been added.  If you have an idea you would like made, please get in touch.



Our main material source that we use to create many of our products is excess wood, sourced from within 2 miles of our workshop, that is not otherwise usable.  Most of this would is originally sourced from northern Europe and is slowly grown in a cold climate making it a high quality wood.

We source hardwood offcuts from independent timber merchants and furniture makers for a small range of our products, all of them are within 5 miles of our workshop.

We also offer a limited range of bamboo products. Bamboo is a naturally sustainable wood as a plant can grow to full size within 3-4 months.  All of our bamboo originates from Fujian Province in China.



Each of our products is carefully handmade in small batches to make sure they are of the highest quality.  Individually handcrafting each item means that every one is unique so you are sure to be receiving, or giving a one of a kind gift.



We use a range of recycled and/or recyclable packaging to make sure your order arrives safely whilst helping to protect the environment.

All products are surrounded by paper voidfill before being placed in a cardboard box which is secured using kraft tape.

Although packing supplies are not guaranteed to be made from recycled materials they are all 100% recyclable themselves. This includes all wholesale orders too.

We also reuse packing materials from our own supplies in an effort to maximise the sustainability of our business.

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